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The Edge

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'The Edge is a scathing portrait of the music industry, and a love letter to Los Angeles - but most of all it's a meditation on growing up and letting go.' Janelle Brown, author of Watch Me Disappear'Insightful and true, The Edge is the real deal.' Alan Parks, author of Bloody JanuaryWHAT COMES AFTER THE HIGH?Los Angeles. Sex and drugs, and rock and roll. It's the life we all dream of, right?Brit Adam Fairhead has everything he ever wanted. At least he thought he did. But the life he now leads and the music industry he works in feel increasingly vapid and the comedowns he's experiencing are harder to come up from. Disillusioned with what once seemed so pulsatingly cool, Adam has to decide what he actually wants, and more importantly, how to get it. The Edge is a hilarious and candid novel about how things can go wrong even when all your dreams come true.

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