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Perfume Paradiso

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Piedmont, the height of summer. Bee can't wait to conclude the biggest deal of her life. An ambitious young city girl, she's at the top of her game as a perfumier. Her heart is set on making an international success of her new fragrance -- which means she has lavender fields to buy. And so Bee arrives in the sleepy town of Lavandula. It's gloriously picturesque with its ice-cream parlours and cobbled streets, but from the get-go, this Italian adventure doesn't go quite according to plan. A sudden downpour and twisted ankle get Bee off on the wrong foot with Alessandro - an infuriatingly arrogant local entrepreneur - and soon it feels like he's thwarting her at every turn. Until one day, Bee's host, the elderly and charming Umberto, suggests a road trip out to some faraway lavender fields. A trip that unexpectedly throws Alessandro and Bee together. As the heat rises, so does the tension in Alessandro's vintage sports car - tension that's broken only by encounters with a racing cyclist and a wedding party. After an impromptu night in the mountains, Bee's life will never be the same again... but Alessandro is an enigma - and where does that leave Bee's dreams of world domination on a grand and perfumed scale? 'Has a flirtatious charm and incredible feel good vibe that fizzes throughout... fresh and radiant, and brimming with a wonderful optimism' - Little Bookness Lane'Like a perfect glass of Buck's Fizz: bubbly, effervescent with a cool sharp tang. I loved it' - Shaz's Book Blog

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