Etching : A guide to traditional techniques-9781785007699

Etching : A guide to traditional techniques

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This practical new paperback edition explains the full process of etching, covering traditional techniques in depth and introducing modern ideas when they add to mark-making capabilities. Illustrated with lavishly finished examples and clear step-by-step sequences, this beautiful book covers the basics of etching - the materials required, how to prepare a plate, and ways of making marks using hard ground, soft ground and aquatint. Other etching techniques are covered including spit-bite and sugar lift, and how to transfer images onto the plate using photo etching. Engraving techniques are shown with various ways of making the plate without acid: drypoint, line engraving, stipple engraving and mezzotint. Advice on printing is given including papers and inks, the printing process and more advanced techniques such as colour printing and editioning.

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