Dinner with Mr Darcy : Recipes Inspired by the Novels and Letters of Jane Austen-9781782498483

Dinner with Mr Darcy : Recipes Inspired by the Novels and Letters of Jane Austen

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'A delightful collection of Austen-inspired dishes' - Bee Wilson, Stella Magazine'It's a great idea - a book that you can read as well as cook from, and one that, uniquely, sends you straight back to the novels themselves' - Telegraph Online'In this charming bit of historical reconstruction, Pen Vogler takes authentic recipes from Austen's time and updates them for today. You'll find everything you need to recreate Netherfield Ball in your front room.' - Kathryn Hughes, The best books on food, The Guardian Enter Jane Austen's world through the kitchens and dining rooms of her characters, and her own family. Food is an important theme in Jane Austen's novels - it is used as a commodity for showing off, as a way of showing kindliness among neighbours, as part of the dynamics of family life, and - of course - for comic effect. Dinner with Mr Darcy takes authentic recipes from the period, inspired by the food that features in Austen's novels and letters, and adapts them for contemporary cooks. The text is interwoven throughout with quotes from the novels, and feature spreads cover some of the key themes of food and eating in Austen's time, including table arrangements, kitchens and gardens, changing mealtimes, and servants and service. Whether you are hoping to beguile a single gentleman in possession of a substantial fortune, or you just want to have your own version of the picnic on Box Hill in Emma, you will find fully updated recipes using easily available ingredients to help you recreate the dishes and dining experiences of Jane Austen's characters and their contemporaries.

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