Beautiful Pigs : Portraits of champion breeds-9781782407782

Beautiful Pigs : Portraits of champion breeds

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Featuring commissioned studio photography of fine breeds styled from snout to tail, the animals showcased here just love to hog the limelight. Top breeds from around the world are represented-from the graceful Large Black to the aristocratic Tamworth and the much-traveled Kune-Kune-with graphic charts containing all the essential breed information. There's also a potted history of pigs, plus reportage photography of the behind-the-scenes primping and preening at the agricultural shows, to capture the care that is lavished on prizewinning pigs and the nail-biting judging process. This is a book to gladden the heart of pig-lovers the world over. Packed with breed information, Beautiful Pigs is a unique gift guaranteed to make every reader feel, well, as happy as a pig in muck.

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