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Scott Kelby's Lightroom 7-Point

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Learn Scott Kelby s 7-Point System for developing photos to perfection in Adobe Lightroom! Imagine how awesome it would be if you opened up an image in Lightroom, even a really messed up one, and you knew exactly what to do first, what to do next, and every step along the way to take that image from flat to fabulous. Well, that is precisely what this book is all about. You re learning a system the same one taught in colleges and universities around the world that was crafted by world-renowned Lightroom expert Scott Kelby, the world s #1 best-selling Lightroom book author. This is a new way of working and thinking about editing your images that will change the way you work in Lightroom forever, so you ll spend less time fixing your photos and more time finishing them, and doing the fun, creative things that make Lightroom the amazing tool that it is. Scott narrowed things down to just the seven major editing moves we need to master to enhance our images like a pro, so we re not learning Lightroom tools we re probably never going to need. Then, and perhaps most importantly, he determined exactly when and in which order to apply these seven techniques that make up this proven, time-tested Lightroom 7-Point System. But, the magic of this book isn t just listing the seven techniques and how they work. It s how they re used together, and it s the learning process you go through that makes this book so unique. This isn t a read about it book. This is a hands-on you do it book. You start each lesson with the RAW photo, right out of the camera (you can download Scott s images, so you can follow right along). Then, you re going to apply the 7-Point System in a very specific way, and you re going to do it over and over again, and again, and again, on a range of various photos, with different challenges and situations, until these seven points are absolutely second nature to you. You re going to do the full edit each time from beginning to end with nothing left out. Once you learn this system, there won t be an image on yourscreen that you won t be able to enhance, fix, edit, and finish like a pro!

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