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Dance, Daddy, Dance Like Duck!

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It is a happy birthday for Marcos at his grandparents' house when he turns four years old, and a grand birthday celebration awaits him on his special day. It is no secret to his family that "he loves everything there is to know about ducks, and acts like them too!" Marcos watches how the baby ducks move their round, fluffy heads, blink their little button eyes, walk with webbed feet, flap their furry wings, and make "Quack, Quack, Q-U-A-C-K, Q-U-A-C-K" sounds at the pond. "What's not to love about ducks?" asks Marcos. And if you could just be and act like one, why not do that? Plus, they're just so cute, cuddly, and playful too! Why, on most days, Marcos can't seem to leave the duck life behind him...that is until on his birthday when everything changes and something wonderful happens that rocks his whole world! Most importantly, he realizes that hard times and sad feelings don't have to last forever. And sometimes, when Marcos feels that he is being misunderstood and not listened to...through it all at the end of his special day, he finds out what family really means to him.

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