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The Adventures of Lucky and Bud

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It started off as just another ordinary day for the Squirrel family. Mom and Dad were out busily gathering food, and Junior was asleep in his comfortable bed waiting for them to return with breakfast when he was startled by the screeching of blackbirds flying in great numbers all around his tree home. In an instant, everything turned dark, and Junior sensed a huge weight upon him. He became increasingly terrified and filled with despair as he felt the tight grip of the talons of a giant hawk around his belly as he was being lifted up into the air and taken away. He wondered if he would ever see his home and family again. This story is based on the real-life rescue of a baby squirrel from the clutches of a hawk and each step of his recovery and rehabilitation, introducing readers to the superb work done by the SPCA and wildlife rehabilitators.

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