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My Name Is Geraldine

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Fate and a fierce appetite for success gave Geraldine a leg up in a world where men approached women as sex objects and where this woman, with exquisitely legitimate reasons to kick ass, built a career by doing a job held only by the male of our species until then. Her memoir tells of friends, lovers, and the amazing people she met in all parts of the world. Her core message is one of success and power, above and beyond the ordinary, if one takes a chance on the unknown path. She was young, beautiful, smart, and sassy. A sophisticate of a changing world order of the 1960s. She expected just rewards for her labor. Many times over, Geraldine proved her worth with canny performances, overcoming the existing stereotype of a woman working in a man's world. Without using female charms as a crutch, she surged forward with her quick wit and voracious appetite for excellence. She is confident, urbane and comfortable in any situation. Yes. There is love, disappointment, drama, and trauma in this life. Her story will appeal to women of all ages, and the men who comfort and confound them.

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