Unconditional : Learning to Navigate and Reframe Mental Illness Together-9781642798784

Unconditional : Learning to Navigate and Reframe Mental Illness Together

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Unconditional helps those experiencing the challenges of intense emotional issues to let them know they are not alone. Unconditional takes readers through Allison Garner's own journey with her daughter as they face her daughter's emotional, mental, and behavioral struggles. With bracingly honest reflection, Allison shares her own struggles learning how to parent a child with major emotional and mental struggles, from multiple suicide attempts to cutting school. She openly admits to the thoughts most mothers never have the courage to say out loud and tackles her own growth head-on to show parents that it's okay not to have all the answers-and they don't have to be a "normal" parent or "good" mother. Including excerpts from her daughter's journal, Unconditional, while not shying away from reality, paints a beautiful picture of hope and growth on an imperfect journey and reassures parents that there is nothing wrong with them or their children.

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