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Step Out : Bold Moves for Business Growth

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Step Out is a roadmap for business owners to re-imagine their business for transformational change. Small businesses face similar obstacles: working capital, human capital, and networks. Step Out is a perfect guide for small business owners seeking transformational change by boldly facing obstacles using best practices to pursue growth. Within Step Out, Carolyn Hardy opens up about her journey from rags to riches. Step Out helps business owners navigate pitfalls and strategically plan for success. Throughout its pages, Carolyn shares business theories and processes necessary for business growth and success. She went from working as an employee in the C Suite at a billion-dollar brewing company to owning the facility. At the end of each chapter, readers have an opportunity to take immediate actions. They are asked to evaluate their business versus the best practice to develop a new plan of action. Step Out is the adviser and secret weapon to change business practices to win the growth game. Business owners only need to have the confidence to Step Up.

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