Learner-Focused Feedback : 19 Strategies to Observe for Impact-9781544368269

Learner-Focused Feedback : 19 Strategies to Observe for Impact

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New strategies for feedback that supports a culture of learning. The skill set required for observing why students are learning and how teachers influence that is a difficult one to master-yet it's essential for driving school change and growth. With this companion to the best-selling Feedback to Feed Forward, observers in any role-leaders, coaches, and teachers themselves-will improve their ability to identify desired outcomes, recognize learning in action, collect relevant evidence, and develop supportive, and effective feedback. Features include:* Nineteen strategies for learner-centered, learning-focused observations* Authentic classroom examples* Observer think-alouds* Stories from the field with "Give-It-a-Try" tools and "Stop and Think" questions Follow-up steps specific to each role

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