Underworld : The definitive history of Britain's organised crime-9781529103663

Underworld : The definitive history of Britain's organised crime

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Live on the wrong side of the law with Britain's gangsters, Peaky Blinders, godfathers, robbers, informers, kingpins, vice lords and career criminals***The Sunday Times Bestseller ***With stories of murder, theft, fraud and treachery, The Underworld is a deep-dive into the history of professional and organised crime in Britain. From the racetrack gangs and the smash-and-grab merchants, through the Soho vice bosses and the Kray twins, to the Great Train Robbers, the Hatton Garden burglars and the new wave of international hit-men and drug and sex traffickers, Duncan Campbell exposes the dark underbelly of Britain. A unique perspective - told by the criminals themselves and the detective who pursued them - this is a definitive history from the very beginning to the present day.

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