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Pet Expert: Horses and Ponies

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Hurrah for Horses and Ponies! Discover amazing facts about your favourite animals and become a pet expert!Do you know your Shires from your Shetlands? Are you potty about ponies? Whether you own a horse or pony or you simply love them, this book will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about these adorable animals. It is packed with tips on grooming, stable and pony care, and of course has lots and lots of very cute pictures of our equine friends. Discover a huge variety of breeds, how horses have helped humans for thousands of years, and work out what your horse is trying to say with a flick of its ears and a swish of its tail. The Pet Expert series explores the world of some of children's favourite animals. It is packed with fascinating facts about record-breaking animals, rare breeds, pet history and stories of famous pets from real life and fiction. Filled with super-cute photos and a bright, engaging design, Pet Expert is a must-have for all pet owners and animal lovers. For readers aged 7+Other titles in this series:CatsDogsHamsters and Guinea PigsRabbitsReptiles

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