Peloton Hacks : Getting the Most From Your Bike-9781510761438

Peloton Hacks : Getting the Most From Your Bike

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With over 1.5 million users, growing exponentially, the revolutionary exercise bike that has quickly changed the health and fitness world, now has its first how-to book that will enhance your workout. The indoor cycling bike that streams live and on- demand classes into your home uses cutting edge technology, providing enormous health benefits and solves the challenge of finding a "work/life balance." Although it is insanely loaded with features, learning how to use it is not always intuitive or easy. This unofficial guide greatly remedies that by pointing out how to quickly and effectively get the most out of your bike from the moment it enters your home. Whether it is clipping in and out of the pedals, executing correct posture, positions and ergonomics, understanding the leaderboard, setting up power zones, customizing audio, video chatting with friends, trouble shooting heart monitor issues, navigating different levels of classes, measuring health and fitness metrics, or getting the most out of off-bike activities on the Peloton App, this concise volume will save you countless hours of searching on the web, waiting on a call for customer support, or watching YouTube videos. With over fifty photographs, PELOTON HACKS reveals what you need to know and what you will want to know so you can easily and quickly begin reaching your desired fitness objective and, most importantly, have fun with your Peloton bike.

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