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It's 1829, and young Princess Victoria's life is full of constraints. Brought up hidden from the world and protected even from walking downstairs alone, the ten-year-old princess decides to write a secret diary about life at Kensington Palace. But little does she know that she is about to make a startling discovery. Closer to the throne than she ever imagined, My Story: Victoria spans a fascinating year in the life of a future queen. Experience history first-hand with My Story in this all-new look! Other titles in the My Story series include: My Story: Titanic My Story: The Trenches My Story: The Great Plague My Story: Berlin Olympics My Story: Blitz My Story: Mayflower My Story: Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan My Story: D-Day My Story: A Picture of Freedom My Story: Roman Invasion My Story: Ignatius Sancho

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