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Red Earth : Revolution in a Sichvan Village

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This book tells what happened in a Chinese village during and since Mao's long leadership, breaking through official versions of history by allowing commune members to speak. It describes the enormous changes that have taken place since the Chinese revolution both externally, in the physical environment, and internally, in the hearts and minds of individuals. Stephen Lyon Endicott examines how fluctuations in official policy affected village life. He also raises important political and philosophical questions: on what basis is the collective or social good to be defined? To what extent can socialist welfare goals be achieved while maintaining productivity in the work force?Based on interviews with scores of villagers right up to 1988, as well as on Chinese government documents, local records and newspapers, this study reveals the dynamics of China's revolutionary social, economic and cultural change through the microcosm of village life. Red Earth, a beautifully written book, will appeal to many general readers as well as specialists on China, Communism, development studies and anthropology.

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