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Design Principles for Photography

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In an age over-saturated with photographic imagery, Design Principles for Photography demonstrates how design awareness can add a new level of depth to your images. By adapting and experimenting with the tried and tested techniques used by graphic designers every day, you can add dynamism and impact to your imagery, whatever the style or genre - something that today's editors, curators and publishers are all crying out for.The second edition includes examples of unsuccessful compositions, annotated images highlighting key techniques and an expanded glossary. There's also a new section on movements in photography and their reflection in composition, including modernism, expressionism, and surrealism and interviews with international practitioners discussing how they've included design principles in their work. Featured topics: Basic design theory; the use of space; positional decisions; the elements of design; line; shape or form; space; texture; light; colour; pattern; rhythm; contrast; scale and proportion; abstraction; movement and flow; containment; emphasis and emotion; justaposition; incongruity; mood and emotion.

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