Marketing Research Methods : Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches-9781108792691

Marketing Research Methods : Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

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Covering both quantitative and qualitative methods, this book examines the breadth of modern market research methods for upper level students across business schools and social science faculties. Modern and trending topics including social networks, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are addressed and real world examples and case studies illustrate the application of the methods. This text examines potential problems, such as researcher bias, and discusses effective solutions in the preparation of research reports and papers, and oral presentations. Assuming no prior knowledge of statistics or econometrics, discrete chapters offer a clear introduction to both, opening up the quantitative methods to all students. Each chapter contains rigorous academic theory, including a synthesis of the recent literature as well as key historical references, applied contextualization and recent research results, making it an excellent resource for practitioners. Online resources include extensive chapter bibliographies, lecture slides, an instructor guide and extra extension material and questions.

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