Statistics Using Stata : An Integrative Approach-9781108725835

Statistics Using Stata : An Integrative Approach

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Building upon the success of the first edition, Statistics Using Stata uses the latest version of Stata to meet the needs of today's students. Engaging and accessible for students from a variety of mathematical backgrounds, this textbook integrates statistical concepts with the Stata (version 16) software package. It aligns Stata commands with examples based on real data, enabling students to understand statistics in a way that reflects statistical practice. Capitalizing on Stata's menu-driven 'point and click' and program syntax interface, the chapters guide students from the comfortable 'point and click' environment to the beginnings of statistical programming. Its coverage of essential topics gives instructors flexibility in curriculum planning and provides students with more advanced material to prepare for future work. Online resources - including solutions to exercises, PowerPoint slides, and Stata syntax (do-files) for each chapter - allow students to review independently and adapt code to analyze new problems.

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