Blockchain Success Stories : Case Studies from the Leading Edge of Business-9781098114824

Blockchain Success Stories : Case Studies from the Leading Edge of Business

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Accessible and fun to read, this practical book contains a collection of stories of organizations using blockchain technology in practice. Through deep research and firsthand interviews, authors Sir John Hargrave and Evan Karnoupakis show you how leading-edge organizations have worked to integrate blockchain into their businesses. You'll start by exploring the origins of blockchain, with plain-English descriptions of industry terminology like bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. Then you'll dive into 10 story-driven case studies that will teach you easy-to-understand blockchain best practices. Explore real-life examples of companies developing and integrating blockchain applications for mobile voting, credentialing, supply chains, and a $100 million virtual cat collectible marketplaceDiscover how blockchain is transforming industries like banking, communications, government, logistics, and nonprofitsLearn about engaging blockchain success stories, such as Binance, Ethereum, and CircleExamine common blockchain best practices, with illustrations for easy reference, and learn how to apply them in your business, government project, or charitable foundation

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