The Behaviour Business : How to apply behavioural science for business success-9780857197344

The Behaviour Business : How to apply behavioural science for business success

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If you are in business, you are in the business of behaviour - and unless a business influences behaviour, it will not succeed. In the last 50 years we have learnt more about how we behave than over the previous 5,000. This book shows how behavioural science has revolutionised our understanding of how people really think (or don't) - and how we can use those insights in our businesses to influence behaviour and gain competitive advantage. Richard Chataway works for the BVA Nudge Unit, a global consultancy specialising in behavioural change, and has experience in everything from getting people to join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, and buy flatpack furniture - to developing the world's most successful stop-smoking mobile app. Introducing the leading thinkers and practitioners from this new field (and sharing dozens or real-world examples), Richard guides readers through the hidden influences, biases and fallacies that influence the behaviour of customers, employees, and business leaders alike - and shows how we can ethically use these insights to:* powerfully attract and retain customers* fuel true and lasting innovation * stand apart in the new world of increasing automation and artificial intelligence* change workplaces and maintain happy and productive employees and teams* and a lot more!It's time to shape behaviour instead of simply reacting to it. The Behaviour Business is the eye-opening, practical guide you have been waiting for.

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