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The Duke : 100 Chapters in the Life of Prince Philip

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The Archbishop of Canterbury called him 'bloody rude', courtiers feared he was 'a foreign interloper out for the goodies', daughter-in-law Sarah Ferguson found him 'very frightening' and the QueenMother labelled him 'the Hun'. Journalists have continually portrayed him as a gaffe-proneserial philanderer, with European outlets going way off-piste and claiming hehas fathered 24 illegitimate children. Prince Philip says 'the impression the public has got isunfair', though there is noself-serving autobiography and his interviews with broadcasters or writers aredone grudgingly. The Duke sets out to explore the man behind thevarious myths, drawing on interviews with relations, friends and courtiers and the Duke'sown words. It brings to life some rare aspects of his character, from a love ofpoetry and religion to his fondness for Duke Ellington and his fascination withUFOs. It also explains why for over seven decades he has been theQueen's 'strength and stay' - and why he is regarded by many as a nationaltreasure.

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