The Wind in the Willows : Illustrate Your Own-9780750994958

The Wind in the Willows : Illustrate Your Own

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Ever wanted to illustrate a book? Now you can. 'There goes the great Mr. Toad! And that's the gallant Water Rat, and yonder comes the famous Mr. Mole!'The Wind in the Willows follows the adventures of Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger. Their stories of friendship and mischief have captivated readers of all ages for over a hundred years. Join them as they scull on the river, deal with Toad's latest fad and explore the mysterious Wild Wood. In this edition, the original story is accompanied by empty frames waiting to be filled with your own art. Bring this peaceful countryside to life in your unique version of this classic tale and capture Otter watching by the ford, wise Badger in his underground home and the recovery of Toad Hall from the wicked weasels and ferrets.

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