Business Models : A Research Overview-9780367670160

Business Models : A Research Overview

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The growing body of research on business models draws upon a range of sub-disciplines, including strategic management, entrepreneurship, organization studies and management accounting. Business Models: A Research Overview provides a research map for business scholars, incorporating theoretical and applied perspectives. It develops the field of business model research by offering a critique of the field as it has developed to date and provides a guide for future research and theorization. The research performed as a basis for this book improves and extends prior subjective and less-documented work by using a scientific approach to identifying impactful research. The book argues that business model research is a mature field and that future research should focus on performative and ecosystem-based contributions, with the timely identification of four distinct stages of business model research. The study here provokes a new set of research questions, which are addressed in the concluding passages of Chapters 5-8, as a point of departure for those researching business models. This book is essential primary reading for scholars and practitioners of business models who are looking to seek out new knowledge and build new perspectives.

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