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The Arab Business Code

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Finalist in The International Book Awards 2020 in the Business: General category: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are some of the richest and most dynamic emerging markets in the world. But they are tough markets! International companies must think seriously if they want to do business there - the barriers can be numerous and difficult. But the opportunities are phenomenal and rewarding. The key to success is to plan and take the right steps. This book shows how to do this by decoding, using case studies, and suggesting relevant solutions. For Judith Hornok, it's not about dry theories or mind games. Instead this book is based on numerous case studies drawn from the lives of well-known Arab and international business people. The reader can grasp the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls by knowing and understanding the Arab Business Code (ABC): "learning the A-B-Cs." This book offers a study with practical measures, a toolkit of easy-to-learn and simple-to-use techniques that pave the way for business success in the Gulf. Over fifteen years of research is boiled down into a clearly structured, compact book. Judith Hornok presents the insights of her studies by decoding the behavior of Arab business people in the Gulf using innovative techniques and new approaches, which can be easily implemented by the reader. For the first time Judith also presents her creations - the figures of The Seven Emotional Hinderers.

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