Making Education Fit for Democracy : Closing the Gap-9780367220372

Making Education Fit for Democracy : Closing the Gap

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Dewey wrote his celebrated book on Democracy and Education over a hundred years ago. Making Education Fit for Democracy asks why education has nevertheless failed to deliver such crucial support for democracy and how it should change to reflect ethical and social responsibilities. It seeks to shed light on what has gone wrong and how it can be put right. Reforming an antiquated system of education should be a matter for public debate. This book is written not only for those currently involved in delivering education, but also for the general public. Arguing that education needs to be holistic, encouraging open-mindedness and developing a wide range of interests, it:Highlights the role of education in supporting democracyPromotes nurture in civilising values over mere information-givingPuts exams and accountability into perspectiveSeeks to bridge the gulf between schooling and life Argues for the reform of the whole system of educationSeeks to use digital technology to personalise education Touching upon several issues currently under debate, such as the rise of populism, the role of religion and narrow subject curriculum, this book will be of interest to all students studying education as well as those involved in teacher education.

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