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How a Woman Becomes a Lake

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* 'A surefire hit' Jo Spain * 'Masterful' Karen Thompson Walker * 'I could not put it down' Eliza Robertson *THIS DAY NEVER HAPPENED. YOU HEAR ME?By a frozen lake, ten-year-old Jesse waits for his father. It's New Year's Day, and his dad promised a fresh start. But Jesse messed it all up. And that's when he meets the woman. In the months ahead, the woman's sudden disappearance sets off a chain of events in Whale Bay, spanning out like fracture lines into the lives of her husband, the detective trying to solve her case, and of Jesse and his family - a young boy cracking like ice under the weight of a terrible secret. How A Woman Becomes a Lake is a chilling literary mystery that asks what happens when we are failed by the ones we love.

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