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Surviving Your First Year at University A Student Toolkit

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Going to University is an exciting time but it can also feel scary and overwhelming. This excellent guide helps demystify some of the technicalities, so students can easily navigate the system... Recommended reading for anyone keen to make the most of this brilliant life opportunity.Lynda Brady, Pro Vice Chancellor (Student Experience), Edge Hill University, UK. "... It is clear the authors have considered the transition to university life from a range of perspectives, not just an academic one, which is particularly helpful for the challenges students face entering higher education."Christie Pritchard, Student Learning Manager, University of Plymouth, UK. "This book is a must read... There is something in it for everyone who wants to start university, just started or is already there."Nils Lenoch, Copenhagen Business Academy, Denmark. "In this book Catherine O'Connor with Liz Thomas' shares an honest and direct message about life as you begin University and leave as a graduate... from this book you can learn all the tips and tricks on how to manoeuvre University life for the first time."Fiona Nashie, University of Westminster, UK. "The past year or so has been a challenging time for students and teachers alike. Many of the skills needed to survive university life have gone unused for a multitude of students around the world. I believe that this book will be very useful for students who could not attend their first year on campus... The author highlights all the essential skills that will be required to achieve a satisfying experience at university. It has been very useful to me personally in dealing with any anxiety, or apprehension, regarding starting higher education due to the extended time away from social interactions with various people that are crucial for personal, and professional development."Sherdil Asif, Student, University of Westminster, UK. Surviving your First Year at University is the ideal companion for new and existing students who want to get the most out of their university experience. Whether you are worried about money, mental health, time management or organising your course load this handy book is packed with advice on how to make the most of your degree. O'Connor and Thomas share their wisdom on topics including:*Understanding and navigating the university system*Coping with social and cultural change *Overcoming the challenges of living away from home*Creating opportunities for personal growth*Using your degree as a platform for your career aspirations*Special tips for International students*Maintaining physical and mental well-being The book describes in detail how a university works and what to expect in day-to-day life there. There are practical tips on coping with academic demands, examinations, money management, lifestyle and self-care. This text is an invaluable toolkit for all students who want to succeed at university. Catherine O'Connor is an Education Consultant and Author, with 25 years' experience in the university sector at Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University, Ireland. She is a regular contributor to the media and a subject expert on transition to higher education, career development and the future of work. Liz Thomas is a researcher and consultant in the field of higher education with over twenty years' experience. Her research focuses on getting into university, experience and success in higher education, and progression to the labour market or further study.

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