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Rebirth : The Journey of Pregnancy After a Loss

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The challenges of having another pregnancy after loss can be extensive from a physical/medical standpoint alone, but no more so than the emotional and psychological hurdles. Therapist and social worker Joey Miller has counseled women and their families on exactly these matters for nearly twenty years. She brings deep compassion, knowledge, and wisdom of both the emotional and physical roller coasters to help women and their partners tackle all the tough issues:* how to talk to your doctor* how to handle the emotional fallout, including dealing with your children, family members, and friends* physical assessments and considerations* how to get the emotional support you need* support for partners/spouses* and moreOther than personal accounts of pregnancy after loss, no other book addresses what to expect when expecting goes horribly wrong...and then beyond. Rebirth provides a road map for that journey. With concrete help navigating the immediate aftermath of tragedy and the difficulties re-acclimating to a very fertile world to the very mixed emotions of grieving while trying to conceive, Rebirth addresses the inconceivable with deep empathy and practical wisdom.

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