Three Vicars Talking : The Book of the Brilliant BBC Radio 4 Series-9780281084685

Three Vicars Talking : The Book of the Brilliant BBC Radio 4 Series

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Three Vicars Talking features all 5 of the conversations between Rev Kate Bottley, Rev Richard Coles and Rev Giles Fraser as aired on the award-nominated Radio 4. The perfect gift for those who enjoyed the Three Vicars Talking Radio 4 series or podcast, this elegant hardback book is also ideal for Christians that prefer to read rather than listen, ensuring no misses out on these deeply poignant exchanges. This heat warming and humorous book features:Three Vicars Talking about birth, featuring discussion around Baptism which Giles Frasers discovered is his favourite of the three rites of passageThree Vicars Talking about marriage, which Kate Bottley favoured because at Weddings you get to wear nice shoesThree Vicars Talk about death and dying, which Richard Coles identified as his favourite, because funerals take you into the mystery of GodThree Vicars Talking about Christmas and,Three Vicars Talking about Easter which was movingly broadcast on the Radio 4 show on Easter Sunday 2020, as the UK was in the grip of the Coronavirus Each of these engaging Christian conversations includes moments of humour, moments of poignancy and genuine connection between these well known figures. Engagingly introduced by Christian Morgan, who first gathered the three together in a studio, plugged them and watched as they created an authentic, funny, beautiful show. Three Vicars Talking will have you laughing and at times maybe shedding a tear, as you follow these dynamic conversations that show the human beings behind the dog collars. These unique Christian conversations can help those with little interaction with the church gain new insights into these pivotal life events and seasons and ensures comedy along the way.

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