Read with Oxford: Stage 5: Hero Academy: Beat the Bunny-Wunnies-9780192776051

Read with Oxford: Stage 5: Hero Academy: Beat the Bunny-Wunnies

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Two action-packed stories about the superheroes-in-training at Hero Academy, who must work together and use their powers to outwit the super-baddies. In The Champion's Cup, Cam and Evan compete to win the trophy but the bunny-wunnies have other ideas! In Night Rescue, can Jin battle his way through the bunny-wunnies to rescue the head of Hero Academy? This exciting chapter book with carefully-levelled text is ideal for children who are beginning to read independently. Books with short chapters are a great way to build your child's reading stamina and confidence. The stories are packed with dynamic CGI-style illustrations - perfect for fans of comics. Tips for parents help to support your child's developing reading skills and the fun after-reading activities making reading fun while reinforcing comprehension. Featuring much-loved characters, great authors, engaging storylines and fun activities, Read with Oxford offers an exciting range of carefully levelled reading books to build your child's reading confidence. Read with Oxford Stage 5 equates to Oxford Levels 8 and 9 used in schools. For more information about the Read with Oxford Stages, as well as practical advice, free eBooks and fun activities to help your child progress, go to Let's get them flying!

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