Nowhere to Hide : Trapped, Abused and Sold for Sex-9780008418595

Nowhere to Hide : Trapped, Abused and Sold for Sex

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A shocking true story that reveals how one woman was tormented to the very depths of despair by her husband through coercive control and continual physical and sexual abuse. When Hannah Morgan first met Matt, she was completely swept off her feet. He offered her the love and security she'd always craved, but once they'd married, Matt's behaviour suddenly changed. His aggression escalated and before long Hannah was living under his complete control. Cut off from her friends and family, she was subjected to a torrent of mental, physical and sexual abuse from which there was no escape. When Hannah was forced to sell her body, she clung to the final fragment of strength she had left until a chance of escape presented itself... but was it worth the risk? Nowhere to Hide is the shocking true story of how one woman lost everything but defied the odds to survive.

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