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Little Mama

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Life isn't easy for little Brenda, whose single teenage mom isimmature, selfish, and prone to violent mood swings. Brenda takes care of her asbest she can, missing out on many childhood joys to be her mother's LittleMama. Sadly, her already challenging existence gets even worse when hermom's abusive boyfriend moves in. Brenda loves having a new baby brother,but her home life soon turns into pure living hell. Finally, she reaches herbreaking point, and must find the courage to save herself and embark on thedifficult road towards recovery. A heartbreaking and inspiring tale of abuse andsurvival. Hopping forward and backward through time through theframing device of therapy, the story unfolds as young Brenda recounts her tale,visibly maturing as the book (and sessions) continue. At first, we think itmight be a child psychology session, but slowly we realize that it is in factthe adult Brenda merely feeling like the child she was at whatever age she is atduring her storytelling. A powerful story about child abuse,spousal abuse, and surviving the trauma toward hopeful blue skies.

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